The Tour Operator JURIJURI is a travel agency operating from Puyo Pastaza. We work for the protection of the rainforest of the upper Amazon region and its inhabitants, especially in the Quechua community of Sarayaku, in the Pastaza province. The Indians of this community have been fighting against the oil companies for more than 9 years. The owner, Leonardo Cisneros, is an Indigenous guide who was born and has grown up in the jungle of Sarayaku. He belongs to the few pioneers who started in Banios to guide tours to the Oriente more than 10 years ago. He knows from experience about the secrets of the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle and its flora and fauna.


JURIJURI is a Quechua word for a group of wild invisible animals like monkeys, which cause thunder and lightning, storms and rain and so protects the animals of the rainforest which it accompanies like the tapir, monkeys, snakes, opossums, sloths, jaguarundis, pumas, peccaries, capybaras, pacas, tortoises, alligators and birds like macaws and parrots.


We work together with the indigenous communities of the Quechua and the Shuar in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest.

We are ready to give individual attention to our clients.

We do our tours with strict respect for the indigenous communities and the conservation of the biodiversity and the environment.

All tours to the jungle include transfer, lodging, food and jungle gear.

The guides speak Spanish, Quechua, English and German or we contract an interpreter if necessary.


We are also looking for volunteers for Sarayaku.

Tour Costa - Sierra - Selva Destintions of our tours in Ecuador

Fundación Tiuti Wally - Sarayacu - Pastaza


Individual trips as well as trips for organized groups

Jungle tours

Jungle training and survival skills

Visits of Indigenous communities

Tours to volcanoes

Tours in the surroundings of Cuenca/ hiking


Tour of the cascades in the route Banios - Puyo

Sustainable, ecological communitarian tourism

Tour Ecuador – Peru


Luis A Martinez y Pedro Vicente Maldonado - PUYO - PASTAZA - ECUADOR - Phone: 00593-995 497 811 - jurijuritours@yahoo.es