The Tour Operator JURIJURI Cia. Ltda. has got a program for volunteers who can work in the indigenous community of Sarayaku, province Pastaza, canton Puyo, at a distance of about 25 minutes by sports plane from the village of Shell.


Sarayaku is located in the south east of Puyo. You can get there by sports plane or canoe. The climate is humid tropical. The community is at 400 metres above sea-level. Temperatures during the day are 22-25 degrees Celsius and at night 15-18 degrees Celsius.


The program for the volunteers is based on the interests of the Tour Operator JURIJURI Cia.Ltda. and the conservation of the biodiversity in the Amazon region, especially in the community of Sarayaku.


The Tour Operator JURIJURI Cia. Ltda. needs volunteers with or without experience to realize different planned activities, like


a) Reforestation of ornamental plants: orchids, bromeleas, etc.

b) Construction and repair of paths, houses, etc.

c) Inventory of plants (including medical ones) (biologists or students with experience) and reforestation (without special experience)

d) Inventory of the birds of the area (ornithologists or students with experience)

e) Inventory of the insects, frogs, snakes, etc

f) Inventory of the animals of the region with the names in Quechua, Spanish, English and their scientific names

g) English lessons in the high school of Sarayaku or for interested members of the community (English teachers/ students or people with English as their native language)

h) Lectures regarding environmental aspects for interested members of the community (people with knowledge)

i) Development of an infrastructure, programs, promotion for the Ecotourism of the area (people with knowledge)

j) Development of projects for a sustainable Ecotourism (people with experience)

The period for volunteer work is from a minimum of 1 month up to a maximum of 1 year.  

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  • age: minimum 18 years
  • an interest to work in and for an indigenous community in the Amazonian jungle
  • at least a basic knowledge of Spanish
  • health insurance (valid for Ecuador)
  • you will need a visa if you stay more than 6 months
  • vaccinations if necessary
  • Curriculum vitae, motivation for your stay, photo, personal data such as: name, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address, etc.


Please inform us about any allergies or health problems or if a special diet is needed.


We recommend a medical check-up before going to Ecuador in order to avoid any health risks.


The volunteer has to cover all costs such as flight, visa, vaccination and health insurance.


The costs for a stay are at 15,00 $ per day and person and include food and lodging. Personal expenses are not included.




Luis A Martinez y Pedro Vicente Maldonado - PUYO - PASTAZA - ECUADOR - Phone: 00593-995 497 811 - jurijuritours@yahoo.es